tomWritesCode wasn't built in a day.

"Well, if you're reading this that can only mean one thing. I finally built the damn site. "

This is a personal website for me has always been the thing I have needed to build the most but prioritised the least. This should cover the website that took forever to build.

So, tomWritesCode, a site to house my blog, and just some basic stuff about me. It only took what felt like 300 years to make, a series of pushbacks due to other things I wanted to make and the constant learning of new things which makes more revisions etc, etc, (I'm sure that if you have ever made your own site you will know the feeling.)

I went with a neon theme after playing around with a flicker animation for an idea, now it's the base of my whole site. the flicker annimation is using keyframes and there is another class for a delay to use the same animation on the same page.

<tomWritesCode />